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Amy Anderson
Owner & Creative Director

Dragonfly Creative Design was established by Amy Anderson in 2003. After the birth of her first child, she was in search of a way to continue her passion for design while still allowing the flexibility she needed to be a great mother. She aspired to own her own business from the time she was a small child, and the timing was finally right to take that dream and make it a reality.

Dragonfly Creative Design was established upon the principle of providing the same level of quality design work found at graphic design studios and marketing firms without the big agency pricing. We understand what it takes to run a successful business because we've been there (and we're still here!), and our goal is to help small to medium businesses build and grow their brands in an affordable and efficient manner. This passion and dedication is invested in every logo, print design or website we create.

Amy's experience and expertise in graphic and website design as well as client service provide a solid foundation for running Dragonfly Creative Design. She graduated with honors from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Communication Design and a top design portfolio nomination. Prior to forming Dragonfly, Amy worked for an award-winning design studio in downtown Dallas. She has worked on projects for numerous clients such as CitySquare (Formerly Central Dallas Ministries), The Dallas Foundation, IKEA, Sony, American Heart Association, Crosstex Energy Services, Dallas White Rock Marathon, Gerald Ray & Associates, The Peoples Bank & Trust, The Real Estate Council, Waste Control Specialists, The Weather Channel, Brown-Forman, Coors Light, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G.), Dallas Citizens Council and many others. Amy's work has been recognized in the Print Regional Design Annual, and in many local and regional competitions including the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, the Art Director's Club of Houston and the Mississippi Addy Awards. In addition to logo design and print collateral design, Amy focuses on front-end website interface design and development. This includes information architecture planning, user interface design, html/css programming and animation planning.

Christopher Oliver
Technology Director

Christopher brings a wealth of technology experience to every project. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and has served as an instructor at SMU's Advanced Computer Education Center. Christopher specializes in search engine optimization, data-centric application planning and development (including database design, desktop and web application design) and advanced programming on Windows platform. He is an expert in .NET applications as well as flash and various web programming platforms. His expertise and background gave him the opportunity to successfully design and implement RXCOMBOS - a pain management clinic / class 2 narcotic pharmacy compounding application for Trinity Pain Medicine Associates in Fort Worth. Christopher has also worked on a number of interactive projects for clients such as Sony, IKEA, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Capital One and Brown-Forman. In addition to search engine optimization research and implementation, Christopher also focuses on the back-end of website design and development, including database design/development, web applications and flash programming.

Why Dragonfly Creative Design?
With everything we do, there is thought and purpose. The choice of our name is no different. We often get asked, "Why the name Dragonfly?" We're glad you asked. The answer is multi-faceted, and it's an answer that is meaningful and metaphorical to us.

In choosing a name, something with longevity was very important. Dragonflies are ancient insects. They have existed for approximately 300 million years. Throughout their evolution, not much has changed except a shift in size from nearly three feet in ancient times to what you commonly see today. Just like the dragonfly, we're here to last, so the name was a perfect metaphor.

One of the most amazing features of dragonflies are their eyes. They have large, compound eyes with many facets. Their large, multifaceted eyes can see nearly 360 degrees as well as see colors that are beyond human visual capabilities, such as ultraviolet (UV) and polarized light. To be a great designer, it takes great vision. In our world, it is all about colors, textures and visuals, and while we can't technically see quite as well as a dragonfly, we like to think that our vision goes beyond the limitations of our human eyes.

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